This summer, cross something off your bucket list

Time to get proactive and stop putting off the things you long to do! New experiences, new places, new thrills. The NC mountains are full of opportunities to cross off some of the most popular bucket list items. See if any of yours on this list!

Popular Bucket List Items

Hot air balloons, preparing to lift off near Asheville, NC

Riding a hot air balloon is a popular bucket list item for a reason! Enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains in a whole new way.  Asheville Balloon Company 

Rappel Down a Waterfall

Spend a day in the wilderness doing things most people never do: Canyoneering. Rappel down a waterfall, boulder-hop, and explore the outdoors in a way you never have before.

Group of people whitewater rafting down the French Broad river in NC

White Water Rafting

Anyone who’s ever been whitewater rafting will tell you it’s a thrill–and one you don’t want to miss!


Zipline through the gorgeous NC mountain countryside on an epic adventure and feel the breeze and the trees zipping by!

Horseback Riding

Experience the majestic countryside during a leisurely horseback ride, there are several stables in the area to choose from. At Cedar Creek Stables, you can enjoy pony rides, gem mining (seasonal), fishing, or a picnic, just a day’s trip from Asheville.

Image of an old fashioned trolley car in Asheville NC

Ride a Trolley Car

Hop a trolley car and enjoy a tour of the historic parts of charming Asheville. Stop by the Asheville Visitor Center to purchase tickets.

Rinsing gems at a gem mine near Asheville, NC

Gem Mining

Did you know there are sapphires, rubies, and emeralds in these mountains? Not to mention any number of other gems and minerals! There are numerous gem mines here in Western North Carolina to choose from. Experience the thrill of discovery. 

Two people zorbing in a giant inflatable ball


Roll down a hill in a giant inflatable ball like a hamster in a hamster wheel! You’ve seen it on shows, now experience it for yourself. Outdoor Gravity Park is a short 90-minute drive and makes a fun day trip and an unforgettable adventure.

A tattoo artist draws ink into tattoo machine

Get a Tattoo

Commemorate your adventures with a permanent memoir–get that tattoo you’ve been wanting. Spend the day in Asheville, touring the arts district and craft breweries and then head over and get your ink on! There are numerous tattoo artists in Asheville to choose from.

I'm up for an adventure!

Ready to tackle some of those exciting adventures on your bucket list? Make your reservations now and start planning!