the Lost Cipher

Scavenger Adventure Hike - Summer 2024

This summer’s self-guided hiking adventure will take you through our beautiful woodsy hiking trails as you hunt for clues, solve riddles, and uncover the location of the Lost Cipher.

A Memorable Good Time!

A renowned archaeologist needs your help protecting his discovery of an ancient cipher. This adventure will take you through our woodsy trails, where you’ll gather clues and solve riddles that will lead you to the location of the lost cipher!

Clue: 25, 16

Grab one of our mini scrapbooks and take lots of selfies on your adventure. Then print out your photos when you get home and put together a permanent keepsake.

When you finish the hike, write your own campfire story with our creative writing prompts, then read it aloud around the campfire with your favorite treats.
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